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Diamonds I photographed for Sotheby's Auction House

The first picture below, is a 1,109 carat, 3 billion year old diamond! Can you imagine? As I arrived with my gear, there was plenty of security to make sure this lady (that's how they refer to a diamond) was well protected. The diamond was found in Botswana, Africa and the expert traveling with the diamond lived there as well. He filled me in on how full of diamonds that part of the world is.

The second picture is of a ring with a pop culture icon history. The ring belonged to Shirley Temple and was a gift from her father. This was a charming ring with some beautiful color. Yes the diamond had color in it. I did not know this was a real thing as I am only used to the chocolate diamonds from the Zales ads. :)

Sotheby's is an amazing place with very friendly people and high end pieces from throughout the building. I hope they have more jewelry to shoot as this made my list of most unusual things I have photographed, what with the first diamond's sheer size!