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Things I Want to Eat Everyday

Having a little Toddler is thrilling in so many ways. One of them is food consumption. I never thought I would eat off the floor, but i do, regularly. Take for example DumDums Lollipops, there is a still a large sized Halloween bag in our home. Needless to say there are many sticky sticks of hard candy in far corners of our home. I’ve looked at them long enough now that I have seen them enough to want to do something about it. Thats right, a small photo shot. First part is to collect the covers over a wide range, I really had to push the root beer on the kid, he seemed to only want the fruit. Oh Well, I could have faked it but he pulled the cover off in the way that only a toddler could. Torn and tattered I collected them one by one. I guess I should call his dentist. Maybe this was not a good idea at all!


Classic Rubber Ducky Shot

I see our little guy is getting more and more into bath time. He really enjoys a variety of toys as well. Just like a child to play with a toy in so many different ways. Here you can really see messing around with it like a hat. I'm kidding, I put that on his head and photographed him about 40 times trying to get the right shot. He doesn't seem to mind, he like repetition. :)