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Crafts, Concentration and Charm. What a Beautiful Mess.

I've been exploring with a new light I acquired recently. Its ultra portable and very powerful. Two things I love about the current state of Photography, and technology in general. All things are getting smaller and more powerful! That can be said about Toddlers, size and power are interconnected and are typically underestimated. Our little guy ,could as a metaphor to engine power, be listed as a one cylinder. He, however, has the torque of 4! His power and health give me such joy I couldn't be happier with my subject matter. :) As for the past few times he has worked with kids paint, he, at some point, takes both hands and "slaps" either side of his face. Of course I have to document this each time, as I am sure this will come to end at some point. Is our guy one masterpiece away?


Toddlers October Holiday Vignettes

Our little guy looooooves Halloween this year. The other day I was looking around our home and noticed little pieces of this reminder everywhere. I also saw the regular amount of Toddler "debris". I started documenting it a bit as an everyday sort of catalog. Lets see how this adds up. 

Backyard Romance Brewing

We got together with friends last weekend, and the kiddos loved playing with this red wagon! I was lucky enough to catch my little guy helping his friend out of the wagon, never to young to be chivalrous :-) . 

Down Time With An Amazon Kindle Fire, Kids Edition

I love this shot of our friend's daughter in her new favorite "chill spot" at their house in New Jersey. She enjoys taking time outs for herself (away from her little sister) to watch her Amazon Kindle Fire, Kids Edition. Our 2 year old son seemed to understand and nod his head approvingly of her down time as he continued to run around the yard in circles.