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REVLON® Professional Blending Brush

I shot this last month for Revlon's social media channels. Its their cool New Professional Blending Brush and Replacement Tips. It is a simple shot, but met the brand's goal of clearly showcasing the product and the versatility of the different applicator shapes. 

Seems I'm working on a nice Collection of GIF's as of Late. 

Happy Valentines Day

Enjoy you're Candy and Flower Day. :) I shot these pieces a few year ago and made This GIF. I "mangled" up the pieces a bit to give it more Personality. It all seemed to fall into place. 

Revlon-Twist & Clip 360° Clipper GIF

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Revlon's new Twist & Clip 360° Clipper for their social media channels. The challenge was to showcase the unique feature of the rotating clipper head and removable nail file, which was difficult to do given the fact that the product is translucent. While the project took much longer than expected, I am very pleased with how it turned out. The post went up a couple days ago and seems to be getting a great response! 

Idle Worship- Produced by PennyPants Productions-- Directed By Samantha Satzman-- Poster Photography By Donald Bowers

A few months ago Jenny Paul asked me to help shot the cast members of Her Web Series Idle Worship. Of course I was interested as we had such good Luck with That Reminds Me. That being said, There is Great News, The Series was Selected as Part of the WWA--Web Series and Short Film Competition. That is their second Festival Acceptance and First International Acceptance. I am More than Happy the images Turned out so Great, But also The Overall Design is Fantastic. 

Do you Ever Have Money $$ on You're Mind?

You may have noticed that there are TONS of articles about how often people think about sex throughout the day, but we rarely hear about how often people think about money and security. Probably due to the fact that love and sex are seemingly more fun and less intimidating than say planning for retirement. 

Awhile back I came across this article Americans Think About Money More Than Sex, which ended up being my inspiration for this image. I found an old brain mold, likely meant for a spooky Halloween treat, put an old dollar bill inside and and filled it with clear Jello. And after watching a few too many episodes of Walking Dead I decided to slice it up. Bon Appetite!