Come On And Blog Me!

Dreaming is Free

Some of the ideas I had if this happened for me:

1. Buy compound in Costa Rica (turn part of it into a school of some sort)

2. Pay off and upgrade everyone in my families needs immediately. (this would not take long or be that expensive)

3. Hire 9 teachers for the costa rican school

4. maybe start another school in NYC or Jersey

5. I need to really think out what I am going to have as a curriculum at all of these school ;)

6. Start of line of shampoos for my brother Pat (called Pats Day Dreams)

7. Build a heated garage for my brother George with a drop floor.

8. Start a jet ski company for my friend Chris to run

9. Build 2 Marinas in Florida 

10. Invest in  Self Driving Cars

11. Donate a ton to Environmental 

12. Donate some more to Feeding Hunger in America

13. Just keep going and going. Its so much money its hard to Fathom.