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Free Lunch

Did you pack your lunch when you went to school? Particularly elementary and Jr. High? I think I had a combo of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and alternatively Cardboard Pizza at the School Cafeteria my entire time. I always wondered why school was free (assuming our taxes are what pays for school so not really free) but we didn't make school lunch free? I guess they thought it was the families responsibility to take care of this? Wouldn't it be great or have been great to just have lunch as part of your day without having to have it made or make it or bring money? I was thinking about money and kids and people in general when I started working on this project about money and food. I need some fresh insights or inspiration on this to continue. Its an interesting topic. I think I saw a story online the other day about how a kid owed for school lunches and the school shamed the kid with a cheese sandwich on plain white bread. Or some sort of non-sense. I think they said the kids family was by no means poor so they should have been able to pay. He said she said, I just thought it was another example of kids and school and money and food. I wasn't thinking about that particular story more than that. The news story wasn't in depth enough to really have told the whole story. But I want to work on this a bit more visually.