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Valentines Day Candy Love Marathon

@NeccoWafers A few years ago, I had a very tiny mini propane torch that was the size of a pen. I wanted to use it for some food photography I had in mind. It was coming up on Valentines Day and of course Classic Neccos were everywhere. I wanted to do a burnt effect on the hearts and if you remember they are very tiny candies. That is where this mini torch came in so handy. I drew some flames over the candies and they responded quite well to heat, I did not need much time on them individually. The smell was wonderful and I remember getting pretty good at achieving this Romantic "bruised ego" feel quite quickly. I periodically sell a large print of these images, especially this time each year. The True Love is my favorite, as I love the green envy feel and the heart burn was beyond my expectations as a candy burner!