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Charli XCX Over The Brooklyn Bridge

I shot this late last year. It was a job for (a fashion site). Charli had conceived a line for the site. I enjoyed working on this one because it was a tad different promo then I usually shot. We were on this Double Decker NYC bus traveling from downtown Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge and then onward. But it was during the shooting on the top of the bus things got really terrifyingly scary and strange. I dont know how these bus operate without killing a person a month! Every single street light is only feet about the top of this thing! And forget giant bridge material and metal that has not moved since turn of the century! Any ways, you can see a bit of the thrill in this shot. Of course it was also at night so that just added even more trauma to the whole feel of it! Haha, it was fun, but then again I'm fine, so its easy to say this sitting from the comfort of my home! Like I said, it was different then my normal Shoots.