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NYC-Places To Get Headshots Done!

Shooting “Studio” Headshots in New York City is a Creative Challenge! Photographers generally need space to shoot in and space in Manhattan is at a ridiculous breaking point in terms of $$$$. Unless you are a very busy and or a somewhat well known photographer you may have a studio. But many times the reality is you have to work with a limited amount of space unless you are sharing a studio with 7 others in Manhattan and 5 others in Brooklyn. If its LinkedIn Head shots, Executive head shots, or even Lifestyle, shooting in Manhattan is a convenience for many as travel time outside the Burroughs can be time consuming. I have seen a wide range of offerings from other Photographers and everyone seems to be able to make it work! If you need headshots, feel free to reach out to me for free advice, it is totally free! As an added bonus I have a time lapse I am sharing to show how I shot an executive portrait photo. As a double bonus I am sharing Indiana Kwongs article Complete Guide to a Great Headshot” A great Headshot 101 Info Page. Enjoy.


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