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Do Photographers Complain Often? Or are they like any other Career Individual?

I stumbled upon another great article from Fstoppers. Entitled Eight Annoying Things Photographers Do That Harm the Industry. (By Paul Adshead)

His List, I broke down, is as follows:

1. By Being Creepy

2. Forgetting Manners

3. Name-Dropping Too Much

4. Not Giving Credit on Social Media

5. Breaking Promises

6. Obsessing Over Gear

7. Rejecting Any Kind of Criticism or Suggestions


8. Telling Lies

The read is interesting as there is a well written and detailed response under each segment. Worth checking out for certain. The one I responded to the most was #7 Rejecting Any Kind of Criticism or Suggestions. Now this goes both ways sharing AND receiving. If the ego is to controlled to accept criticism, this will not help. But at the same time I have received excellent criticism and also just down right insults disguised as criticism. You have to think both through. Giving criticisms takes some thought if your truly want it to help another. And the same goes coming back.


What are The Most FAQ's Photographers often get?

I was talking to my photography friend Andrew Walker recently. I was asking him what people ask him about photography in general. You know the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). He said he didn’t get many, as I realized he worked primarily with Clients and seldom with people who are hiring him directly. Of course my phone was listening to me and a wonderful amazing post flashed up on my screen from FStoppers about this very topic. People, it seems, are as interested in the fame of the photographer as well as the subject. Do you get FAQ’s? Even if you are not a photographer, What are they?