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photographer liability insurance-Just in CASE!!

photographer liability insurance

Photographers who need to look into Liability Insurance should consider APA. You may not need it now or at a certain point in your career, but photographers like myself that live in York City, or major cities need this and use it regularly. If for example we are shooting a portrait of a business/finance person we need this insurance to get into the buildings as they all require a hefty premium in case something goes wrong. Of course light stands fall and in New York City corporate offices there are major pieces of artwork everywhere. Or just hurt someone in general. Not private property but physical property. You need insurance for that and for disability. I think it's roughly a $1000 a year and includes your photography equipment insurance as well. Contact Karen Stetz at APA Insurance Services and please tell her Donald Bowers sent you. She is excellent and she responds ASAP. There are some jobs I just would not be able to do if I didn't have this insurance. Another good practice is to join APA. There you will get discounts on insurance and also annual photo contests.