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Photographer model release form APP-My Life Just Got Easier!

Easy Release Model Release App Is For Sure One Or My Favorite Apps.

Shooting, paperwork, keywords and titles for Stock photography or sales of images in general is very very time consuming. The Easy Release Model Release app makes everything much easier on the paper, model and property release side. People can sign their name right on your phone (for model and property release) and a picture can be taken of them to highlight who it is. Then immediately a PDF and Jpeg e-mail is generated and the release to both you and the model can be achieved. I believe it was $5 on Google play worth every penny. Much more organized looking, professional and all of the major stock companies except this format. No more scanning of adding pictures re sizing etc.

Below is an example of The Easy Release Form. It is super organized and looks quite nice. Super Efficient and saves quite a bit of time on paper work.

A video showing the details of how The Easy Release App works so well for Working Commercial Photographers.